Friday, February 4, 2011

And the exploration continues!

Tonight, we looked at our map of the world and decided to venture into the lands that we have yet to step foot in.
It wasn't as difficult this time.
Thinking of places that we rarely visited, we headed into the Bahamar Underground.  Only once before have we visited this place for more than 30 seconds and that was to witness another family in a fight against a giant snake.  This time, we actually walked around a bit and admired the scenery.
The first step is always thrilling.
While spelunking the Underground Caves, we located the "small cave" and passed through it.  It lead into a much larger but empty room and eventually to a dark stormy place called Caebolan.  We heard that this place was extremely tough and that the creatures there were capable of one hit knock outs.  Therefore, we hugged the walls and slowly explored the area.  It was fortunate that Romina has the ability to revive knocked out characters as there was a time where both our scout and Grace were knocked out.
Challenge accepted!
While wandering around Caebolan, we came across a Stone Leaf and brought it back to Lenora in the Bahamar Deep Swamp to analyze.  So begins another quest line.

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