Monday, February 21, 2011

Bounty Hunter Mission Weekend

We're the martial arts team.
This weekend, we attempted a few of the Bounty Hunter Missions.  We started with the one requiring the lowest level range and worked our way up.  This was probably the first time a large portion of our family got to see action in one sitting as we have a relatively large range of levels.
The Accursed Porto Bello was the first mission.  Emilia fell quite a few times and Catherine Torsche was able to easily attract the Escudo Pecher's attention.

Some people had to drop out after the Accursed Porto Bello was completed so only the two of us continued on to the Accursed Mansion.
The Accursed Prison de Joaquin came next.  As our Veteran level characters were able to participate in this, the mission went quite well.
The last mission we completed was the Accursed Skeleton Dungeon.  A note to ourselves for the next repetition is to bring our elementalist to bear the Boneless's attack as his magic hurts melee characters like Romina quite a lot.


Ashardalon said...

What do the roulettes for Accursed Porto Bello and Accursed Joaquin drop?

WW said...

The only thing of value that I've got from them so far are General Tokens. Other not-so-useful things I've got from them included equipment of various sort such as a level 68 Elite Scale Mail.