Friday, February 18, 2011


Mobile guards
Tonight, we brought a ticket from Port Coimbra to travel to Castilla First Post.  It looked like quite a sunny place with beautiful beaches.
Quite an attractive look.
The female to male ratio is quite skewed here.
The bookish look.
After speaking with the officers, we headed into the Castilla Mines.
Mini Steel Ararats!
Upon entering the mine, we received a Castilla Mine Explorers medal.  We first encountered 2 Bearwalkers and they were a pain to defeat.  Once we entered the mine entrance, we encountered a single Steel Ararat.  It wasn't too difficult until it was down to 20% health, at which point Mini Steel Ararats started spawning and the main Steel Ararat was casting wide area Fear over and over.  We did eventually defeat the Steel Ararat and stepped into the next area, only to be defeated by 2 Phobitans before we knew what was happening.

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