Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Defeated the quest version of Novia!

Tonight, we manage to do something that we never thought we would be able to do.  We managed to complete the instance mission that involved defeating Novia in the Ice Wizard Tower.  It took a little more than a half dozen tries and some of the tries had us being defeated in less than 10 seconds but once we got past the summoned creatures, we were able to think carefully.  We did not have any wings or enchanted costume items.  We also forgot to use special potions like Triump Fillers and AM Boosts which we were saving for this occasion and we even forgot to bring out our pet.  Now that we think about it, we even forgot about the Sage necklace the Old Man gave us so long ago.  Fortunately, we had a few hundred healing potions that healed 750 points each.
Novia was weak to lightning.
Our team was composed of a Expert level 1 Romina with a level 18 Equites stance wielding a +4 Unique Trump Sword, a Expert level 1 elementalist using a +4 Veteran Ancestral Lightning Bracelet in the Possession Lightning stance, and a Expert level 2 Grace with a level 18 Flintlock stance wielding a +6 Black Dragon (with no special stats that affects this fight).  The first thing we did when the fight started was to have Romina rush in and knock out Montoro because we didn't know what tricks he had.  This resulted in everything following us and we ran away to the edge.
Yes, you were the weakest one in the group.

While at the edge, our Grace and elementalist were knocked out and only 2 summons managed to follow our Romina along the edge.  The other summons and Novia herself turned their attention to Garcia and Selva so our Romina ran a complete circle along the edge of the battlefield and revived Grace.  With Grace attacking the summons from behind and Romina attacking from the front, the 2 summons were easily defeated.  Right before they were defeated, the 3rd summon slowly walked over to join the action so we included him too.  After we defeated the 3 summons, we revived our elementalist as it was her turn to shine.

With out elementalist Eloise leading the way, Grace off to the side, and Romina hanging back, we found Novia just wandering around.  Our tactic at this point was to have our elementalist constantly cast Lightning on Novia as Novia was unable to block it and it inflicted 2500 to 4500 damage per attack.  When our elementalist was knocked out (and it happened about a half dozen times), Grace distracted Novia (damages her between 450 - 999) such that Romina could use her revival skills.  With this tactic, we managed to defeat Novia with less than 3 minutes to spare.
Future tsundere?
After Novia panicked, Montoro, Garcia, and Selva got up against and had an argument.  As time was short for us, we didn't spend too much time listening to their conversation and got them to hurry up.  Apparently, Garcia was cursed when he jumped in between Montoro and Selva.
Where have that seen that type of personality before...
Now we have to gather ingredients for a soup.  It'll take awhile but fortunately, there is a +30% drop rate bonus these 2 weeks.

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