Friday, February 4, 2011

First look at Interna de Gigante

Upon returning the stone items to Igorne, we were given the task to scout out Interna de Gigante for him.
It looked similar to one of the missions of the Christmas event.
Getting to Interna de Gigate from Caebolan was relatively easy as the creatures in Caebolan are slow.  We didn't have much contact with the denizens of the dungeon before the action started.
It's actually not a fair fight.
Once we located Sharon, it wasn't long before Igorne and his harem of rifle wielding Rescue Knights showed up.  There was a brief conversation between between the two and the lopsided fight started.  In mere seconds, the squad of Rescue Knights easily dispatched the group of creatures surrounding Sharon.
Guest starring.. Eduardo!
Once Igorne's team defeated Sharon's team, Eduardo suddenly showed up to get a piece of the glory, as in he engaged in hand to hand combat with Sharon herself and obviously won.

The next part of the quest line requires farming for some Amethyst Fragments so we'll continue the quest line some other day.

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Amalielle said...

congratulation on finishing the quest. Btw You dont max rouse on Enhanced Tactic. Max Organization :p