Saturday, February 12, 2011

Garcia joins the family

After many hours spent gathering the 50 Cabbages from the Katovic Snowfields, we were able to convince Invierno to allow us to use his cooking pot to make soup.
He really has a big crush on her doesn't he.
So we cured Garcia and we headed back to Auch to visit Simon.  After a brief conversation between the two, Garcia joined our family and we also received a level 100 Enchantment Chip & 3 Polish: Veteran.  This is a divergence from the guide at the wiki which said that we would have a choice.  But any case, we still received Garcia's card, an enchantment chip, and some polishers.
We were hoping to beat you into submission.  Oh well.
We reported back to Eleanor about Garcia and received 5 Soul Crystal (event) and 3 Polish: Veteran.
Garcia officially joins our family.
Looking at his abilities and capabilities, it doesn't seem as if Garcia will excel at anything.  Still, we might use him for fun in a  team with Eduardo.

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