Friday, February 4, 2011

Questing in Caebolan

We started our quest in Caebolan by searching for a Stone Leaf, a Stone Flower, and a Stone Sword.
West edge of D8, next to the giant crystal
First, we found another Stone Leaf at the same location where we found the first one.  This time, we actually had a clear idea of where we found it so we took a photo of it.
Selva was attacking us from somewhere in the middle of that mob of creatures.
The Stone Flower was found by the tree north of the entrance to the small cave (C4).  We heard "Get Lost!!" but didn't actually see who said it until we noticed Selva Norte knocked out on the ground after the fight.
South of the gap
Searching for the Stone Sword was a little trickier as it was supposed to be found between D7 and E7.  As that is in the middle of an open area, we attracted a large following.  Fortunately, the item was found near the landmark gap and we warped out of the area once we found it.

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