Monday, February 28, 2011

Ramiro becomes a man

It all started when we promoted our Ramiro to Veteran and he started flirting with Lisa (the only other dark skinned lady in town other than the one in his photo).  After she rebuffed his advances, he wanted to teach her a little lesson but...
got his butt kicked.  Lisa suggested that Ramiro visit Jack to learn what it meant to be a true man so off Ramiro went.
Jack had Ramiro breaking boulders into stones for construction and was paid a single Gold Piece.  It seemed so little that Ramiro complained and Jack said something derogatory about Andre.  This had Ramiro visiting Andre.
Andre had us buy his useless level 84 armors at a cost of about 9.6 million vis and Ramiro called him a crook.  Andre then said something derogatory about Claude so we went to see him instead.  Claude had us hunting for 3 creatures: the Sabretiger, the Golden Spider, and the Phobitan General.
The Sabretiger was a pain to find.  The General in Topolo was slightly easier.
After some searching in Ustier Zona Uno, we found the Sabretiger and defeated it.  The Golden Spider was easy as we had Golden Spider spinelles.  The Phobitan General was almost as difficult to find as the Sabretiger but we managed to find it running near a house in the center of Topolo Durga.
It seemed rather pointless to hunt and Ramiro recognized it so he decided to visit someone smart to ask for their opinion.
It sounds like you tried wearing the Grade School Uniform. Kinky!
Lisa agreed with Emilia's assessment on what it took to be a real man.  Out of the blue, Lisa then asked for Ramiro's Grade School Uniform.  We don't know what she wanted with his uniform but it looks like she has a stock of Grade School Uniforms that does fit her to give out.

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