Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update to version 5

Tonight, we discovered that the game has been updated to version 5.  There are quite a few changes and we are still disoriented.  So far, we have found:
  • Some of rings worn by characters were moved to the market manager cabinet.  Not sure on what determines what ring to move as some characters only had one ring moved.  It also didn't seem to depend on the particular skill ring as some characters kept wearing that particular skill ring while others had it moved.
  • Pre veteran stances were set to the maximum level of 25.  We'll have to double check it later on our STR Catherine.
  • New expert stances.  We had Grace learn Superior Blaster and am attempting to level it.
  • Polishers below Veteran were removed.  They might have been replaced by Shiny Crystals which we got a few hundred of.
  • My Dress Room - This is a great feature that allows us to see the new costumes that have yet to be released.  It's quite a tease.
  • 3 of our warp points have been removed.  We noticed that one of them was Katovic Snowfields and El Canon Diabolica was another.  We forgot what the 3rd was.
  • There's something to get from "Receive Premium Item".  We received 3 sets of 3 promotional scrolls each (Veteran, Expert, and Master).
  • The world map has changed.
  • We can see the targetmob type that we're fighting such as Beast and Undead.
  • Reckless Emilia is back, we saw her wandering around town.
  • The wuwu family already has Catherine Torsche and Valeria.


Darkshia said...

Oh my! o.o This patch update is such a surprise..!

WW said...

Yes, it'll take awhile to adjust and then to find the new content.

Xenesis said...

thanks for the info! i didn't know about the scrolls.