Sunday, February 27, 2011

Upgrading the Reboldeaux Soldier

This afternoon, we got our Reboldeaux Soldier to level 100 and promoted her to Veteran (25 Shiny Crystals).  Speaking with Domingo back in Reboldeaux, we started a new quest chain.
We were half expecting them to dance in unison with the zombies.
The first mission was defending the Queen's Gate from a horde of zombies.  It was pretty easy as they were quite slow and are not as powerful as the ones in Los Toldos.
Afterward, we paid a visit to Jose in Port Coimbra.  The next mission was supposed to be defeating some bandits but....
there were no bandits there, only political refugees.
The next mission involved defeating more zombies but at Ferruccio's Wall.
Thought all Rescue Knights were female.
As our Soldier disobeyed that trooper's orders, she was kicked out of his regiment.  We find it odd that he was wearing the uniform of a Coimbra Trooper yet was ordering a Reboldeaux Soldier around.
So basically, our Soldier was transferred to Romina's team in Ustier.  The Superior Centurion costume gives our Soldier +10 AGI points.

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