Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend progress

Didn't even know that the Elite Shaft Hammer (level 100 blunt) existed.
This weekend, we managed to retrieve the Basilisk's Heart from the Castilla Mines.  As a result, we finished that particular part of the quest and received the following medals:
  • Phobitan General of Chaos Slayer
  • Basilisk of Chaos Slayer
We also received an Elite Shaft Hammer from the roulette.  We've heard of the Shaft Hammer which is like an elite level 84 weapon but this was the first time we've heard of or seen the Elite Shaft Hammer. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the level 100 glow found in many of the other level 100 weapons.  At least it's pretty shiny.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Measuring up

No, that pose doesn't make you any taller.
We decided to pay a visit to the Lunar Maiden to how see our elementalist would measure up.  Maybe as expected, the Lunar Maiden was taller and larger than our diminutive elementalist.
So we bowed before her and received our daily key which in turn got us another Full Moon Bunny back costume.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Traditional Folk Korean costume

This is probably the most conservative costume she has.
Tonight, we finally managed to get the Traditional Folk Korean costume for the elementalist from a Gold Chest.  The hat and the dress came as a set together.  As we also received the temporary Bunny ears the other day, we think this completes our goal of finding the various costumes from the chest.
In another stroke of luck, we found our elementalist's expert stances to be level 25.  We had held out on training them because it took so long and hadn't checked on them after the patch until tonight.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bunny Hat

We also picked up a Bunny Hat from a Lunar Maiden Gold Chest recently.  Only 3 characters could use it though and we rarely see these characters wandering about.  Fortunately, we do have these characters in our family.
It matches his white outfit and make it looks like he has big ears/
We won't have him wear it for long as it doesn't go with his fisherman look.
White on black.  Hmm..

Full Moon Rabbit

We picked up a Full Moon Rabbit back costume from a Gold Chest today.  It's our first permanent costume so far from the event.

Arsene's Secret Vault

It's really hard to find a good angle for pictures in these rooms
Last night, we accompanied Helena in visiting hr old comrades for the first time in the Secret Vault.  It was quit hectic at times and we were surprised a few times when the robots disappeared on their own.  We got some sort of key at the end which we don't know where to use yet.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Animal Samba Parade

Port of Coimbra was a good setting was something like this.
Last night, we participated in the Animal Samba Parade.  Everyone gathered in channel 1 of Auch before moving to Port of Coimbra.
At Port of Coimbra, we ran one lap around the city, lightning firecrackers along the way.
The final stretch!
Back in Auch, it was an organized mess in trying to get Fynlo to toss us a AM Box.  Eventually, we did get one and inside it was 10 Enchant Boosters.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lunar Maiden

Her face looks familiar.  It's very generic.
Today, we heard that the Lunar Maiden was visiting Queen's Gate so we went out to meet her.  She seems very pompous but we did get a key for bowing.
At least she doesn't ask us to call her queen.
After receiving the key, we went out in search of the chest.
I'm guessing this is Silver.  There should be a Bronze and Gold too.
After a few minutes, we found a chest and decided to open it as we didn't know how long it would take to find another one.  From the chest, we received Lucky Pouch x5 and Mystic Ampile (event) x2.  Maybe we'll be able to find a gold one tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Attribute change and other oddities

While pondering on which characters to bring out, we noticed something unexpected.  Our veteran Soso now has 75 STR rather than 70 just a few weeks ago.  We haven't gone through our other characters to see if any of their attributes have changed but we'll be sure to take extra notice when bringing them out.

Another odd thing was that our newly recruited Angie suddenly became level 20 without leaving the barracks.  The only time we brought her out was on the first day we recruited her and she was level 1.  To confirm that she did reach that level, we brought her out again and had her wear the level 20 equipment from our warehouse.