Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Mercenary Recruited

The new member is on the right
Tonight, we recruited our first mercenary, another Brunie Etienne.  It was an expensive and interesting story.  Awhile ago, we were convinced to spend our resources to obtain a family member that can participate in the new areas.  A friend of ours agreed to act as a middleman to a trainer provided that we give them the paperwork (character card and mercenary warrant) along with the payment (800 million vis).  Deciding on the character required some thought as we were limited to stock characters and characters who initial cards are tradable (ie. does not require a mercenary warrant to leave the family).  We were tempted by the martial artists but the only options were Gertrude and Gracielo.  Technically, we could have chosen one of the orange outlined characters but we didn't want to have any characters leave the family.

So after awhile, we managed to get the Brunie card from the same supporting family with which get obtained the Catherine of STR card a long time ago.  As we didn't have 800 million vis, we were subsidized by the middleman by 120 million.  After a few days, the new Brunie was ready and we accepted her into the family.  One could almost say that she's been around.

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