Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet revenge

We haven't went adventuring lately but on the off chance that we did today, we encountered the last family that went baron on us when we weren't looking.  This was late last month and we had completely forgotten about the incident when to our surprise, we ran into them at the exact spot that they attacked us.  To our pleasant surprise, it seemed as if they were AFK just as we were back then.  We've never went baron before and wasn't about to start so that left spinelles.  There were innocents nearby, one of which was almost directly next to our target of revenge so it had to be a strike of utmost precision.

The first summon went well in that it took out their Emilia who jumped out of nowhere attempting to heal their expert Grace.  Their apprentice came to their rescue but since we didn't want them to be involved, we eliminated our own summon.  An useless item was dropped by the summon but it was tagged to the target family as they did the most damage.  To add insult to injury, we picked up that item after it was untagged.

Not content with knocking out only one of their characters (as they knocked out three of ours), we released a second summon to knock out their remaining active character.  This time, it was straightforward as there were no interruptions.  Still, we had to clean up the mess by eliminating the summon after it had done its duty.

Just a random photo of our Asoka adventuring alone with only a pet to accompany her.

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