Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How we spent the holiday weekend

Not quite as rocky
This past weekend was a holiday weekend so we went outside to see the sights.  Unfortunately, so did the rest of the population.  We went by a beach next to the ocean but as it was a resort area, it was extremely crowded.  So crowded that we didn't bother stopping and continued on.  Fortunately, there were stops further up where the shore was rockier where we could rest and take photos.
Arg, the mosquitoes are biting!
We visited a state park next.  It was actually marshland though.  Real marshes with big mosquitoes just waiting for a chance to grab their meal.  It was just as wet too as the above picture.
Home Sweet Home.  Staring at the flickering lights.
We didn't bother to go out anywhere for the third day.  Just stayed home and watched the fireworks at night.


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