Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dress Room - Viki - Freesia

Even little Viki gets a new outfit other than the school uniform.

Dress Room - Romina - Trifolium

Unfortunately, Romina's Trifolium outfit is one of the most unappealing outfits to us.
The shirt is nice but the leather and fur hat seems weird.

Dress Room - Helena - Cattleya

Helena's Cattleya outfit recently became available via the boxes.  Too bad it's a gamble to get it and would also be expensive via the market.

Dress Room - Grace - Santa

Of course, Grace has her own Santa outfit too.

Dress Room - Grace - La Saggitaire Optimiste

Easily mistaken for a female scout.
When we saw an illustration of this costume, we thought that was a female scout.
The only thing different in her Ixia hairstyle compared to the Milky Bob is the ornament.

Dress Room - Grace - Ixia

Grace's Ixia outfit definitely fits some o the maps such as Abertal and Via Fluval.
Too bad that badge isn't respected.

Dress Room - Garcia - La Chevre Cornue Fidele

Surprisingly, they made a second outfit for Garcia.

Dress Room - Garcia - Bristian Noble

That's some outfit that Garcia has.
Garcia's Noble outfit reminds me of Vincent.

Dress Room - Emilia - Santa

Emilia also has a Santa costume.  The jester style hat seemed odd though.

Dress Room - Eduardo - Bristian Colonel

Eduardo was quite a dashing military officer back then.

Dress Room - Claire - Derange

Derange Sorian
Claire seems to be one of the more popular characters for costumes.
Derange de Langal

Dress Room - Combat Catherine - La Sensation Amicale

Greens and browns seem to be the theme for Catherine (combat) as seem here for the La Sensation Amicale costume.
Unfortunately, Catherine (summoner) does not appear to have any costumes other than her Promenade Dress.

Dress Room - Calypso - Santa

It seems that Calypso also gets a cheery Santa costume.  It's certainly different from her usual dark colored costumes.

Dress Room - Asoka - Cherry Blossom

Asoka's Cherry Blossom costume came with Asoka.  However, acquiring her Cherry Blossom hairstyle required an additional purchase of Gold so we didn't bother to get it.
Her Cherry Blossom hairstyle seems to get a lot of negative reviews.

Dress Room - Angie - Overalls and Hair Band

Angie's Overalls used to be directly purchasable from the Bazaar.  We did not purchase it at the time because we did not anticipate ever getting Angie.  When the Return scrolls were directly purchasable from Leonardo, we eventually acquired her.
Angie's outfit seems to be one of the more modern ones out there.

Dress Room - Alejandro - Ali Baba

The Ali Baba costume for Alejandro used to be directly purchasable from the Bazaar.  However, we did not purchase it at the time as we were not fans of his hairy belly.

Dress Room - Adelina - Santa

Although we haven't played the game in the last few months, we wondered what costumes were available in the Dress Room.  So we embarked on capturing some shots on some of the more interesting costumes that we have yet to see in game.  It's only a subset of all the available characters but first up is Adelina's Santa costume.
That's some giant hat.