Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rounds 4, 5, 6

Thanks to some helpful hints, we changed our lineup to focus more on magic users.  For round 4, we had Vincent, scout, and elementalist.  The knock downs were pretty terrible and Vincent was knocked out once due to being only a Veteran (with basic e92 robes).  Fortunately, our scout was there to provide first aid.  For round 5 and 6, we replaced Vincent with our fighter in order to use her Provoke ability.  That reduced the number of knock downs but less ghosts were being damaged.  Fortunately, we were still able to get about 80 coins for round 6, ending up with a total of 303 Spirit Coins for tonight.

With those coins, we chose 3 of the most expensive boxes, which were the Halloween box As.
Fortunately, the items seem to go directly into inventory

From the Halloween Box As, we received:

  1. White Cat Band
  2. Black Cat Band
  3. White Cat Band
As we just so happen to have 3 eligible fashion models at the moment, we immediately found a quiet place to try them out.  Queen's Gate Channel 1 of Bristia was too crowded with all the people taunting each other and fighting.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Round 3

Not one to give up easily, we tried the Halloween event a third time.  After defeating the 70 Zombie Mermen, we got the Key but changed our setup.  This time, we had a team of elementalist (Evocation Lightning), Grace (Superior Blaster), and Scout.  All 3 were Expert level and we recalled that the ghosts in the ice region were sensitive to lightning.  The fight went well this time.  We're not entirely sure how useful Grace was with her shotgun but our elementalist were taking down the ghosts like there's no tomorrow with her simple Thunderstorm spell.  The Scout was there was healing and saved us from using too many Healing Potions.  We picked up a total of 75 Spirit Coins from this instance.

Someone posted a list of rewards that they had gotten on the forum.  The only items desirable to us are the white and black cat ears.  The 2 day temporary back costumes were extremely undesirable as we still have a whole bunch from the Halloween event 2 years ago taking up a chunk of our warehouse space.

Halloween for 2011

What's your name?  Really...
Tonight began the Halloween event for our version of the game.  Quests are available to be taken during the even hours (server time) and the Haunted House is available during the odd hours.  Your team need needs to be wearing a Pumpkin Hat before she will let you try anything.

We completed a quest to defeat 30 Visage Noir and another quest to defeat 70 Zombie Merman.  Each gave a quest reward of:

  • Key to Haunted House
  • Witch's Candy
  • Sweet Candy x5
  • Chocolate x5
  • Water Spray x5
These guys are deceptively difficult to defeat.
As we had 2 Keys, we entered the Haunted House twice.  The first time was with the team shown in the photo and it was pretty much a disaster where only a few (as in single digits) of those ghosts were defeated. Adelina was the only survivor till the time ran out.  We didn't get any rewards from that and wasted a hundreds of healing potions.  On our second try, we brought out Master Brunie, Expert Romina, and Veteran Musketeer (someone had to wear the silly hat).  Surviving the ghosts was easier such that we noticed that Spirit Coins dropped from them.  We managed to pick up 4 Spirit Coins before the instance ended.

Taking a look at the Treat option, the following were available:
  • Halloween Box A - requires 100 Spirit Coins
  • Halloween Box B - requires 70 Spirit Coins
  • Halloween Box C - requires 50 Spirit Coins
As we spent an hour and a half to complete the 2 quests and 2 instances but only picked up 4 coins, the event will most likely expire before we even manage to pick a single box.  Hence, we'll pass by this event.  At least we got a few pictures.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Veterans

Natsumi with Mighty Cruz, Asoka with Low Guard, Andre with Main Gauche

Got Asoka from level 88 to 100 and then promoted/awakened her to Veteran in Skeleton Dungeon today.  We didn't have a book of combat, we had her learn Low Guard.  Since we brought a pack of 3 Veteran awakening scrolls, we awakened Andre and our Reboldeaux Soldier too.

Lisa's Golden Corn

When Lisa asks for 24 Golden Corn, she actually means Golden Egg Fruit from Estevan's Farm in Ustier.  We were worried for a second thinking that she meant Gold Corn from El Dorado (and the accompanying Excrement needed to harvest it).

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lisa's friendship quest

We tried out Lisa's friendship quest tonight.  It's easy to start but looks to be awhile to finish.  This quest starts by talking with Oswalt on Viron Island.
Gee, how many female pirate captains could there be?
Does that mean you're still on the ship somehow?
Well, he was living a good life until you sliced him up.
Now where did his corpse go?
Time to visit the therapist
Suspicious person alert
That last one sounds like it could hurt in some cultures
So begins her long part time job