Friday, October 21, 2011

Round 3

Not one to give up easily, we tried the Halloween event a third time.  After defeating the 70 Zombie Mermen, we got the Key but changed our setup.  This time, we had a team of elementalist (Evocation Lightning), Grace (Superior Blaster), and Scout.  All 3 were Expert level and we recalled that the ghosts in the ice region were sensitive to lightning.  The fight went well this time.  We're not entirely sure how useful Grace was with her shotgun but our elementalist were taking down the ghosts like there's no tomorrow with her simple Thunderstorm spell.  The Scout was there was healing and saved us from using too many Healing Potions.  We picked up a total of 75 Spirit Coins from this instance.

Someone posted a list of rewards that they had gotten on the forum.  The only items desirable to us are the white and black cat ears.  The 2 day temporary back costumes were extremely undesirable as we still have a whole bunch from the Halloween event 2 years ago taking up a chunk of our warehouse space.

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