Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Christmas Event - Santa Adelina

Again without a face
At this point, we had 19 coins and we wandered to try out the Winter Season Box from the Christmas Rapper which required 20 coins.  So we spoke to the female fighter again and discovered that we can fight against a Sword wielder.  That wielder turned out to be Santa Adelina.  When hurt, she first summoned a ring of skeleton gunners.
Totally harmless
Afterwards came the giant skeletons.
The Santa siblings
Finally came Santa Emilia and Santa Grace.  Fortunately, Santa Grace did not cast spells this time.

We received 3 Santa Coins from finishing this fight and traded it in for a Winter Season Box.  From that box came 1 Christmas Tree and 1 Snowman.  We wonder what else the box could contain and whether is it worth it.

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