Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CATH1 System Acceptance Test

Now do what I do but not what I say.
Finally, after a few days of tinkering and replacing robotic parts, CATH1 was ready to be formally tested.  There was a script to be followed and the idea was that CATH1 would follow our directions.  Since CATH1 was operating in the real world rather than the factory controlled environment where she was built, there were many unpredictable factors to consider.  One of the major factors was the unavailability of controlled test targets.

Our original plan was to release specific monsters with specific parameters and have them behave while CATH1 hashed them.  However, real monsters aren't obedient like that.  Therefore, we looked around the area and seized upon a few targets of opportunity to test CATH1's performance.  I doubt those monsters knew what hit them but their screams must have attracted the attention of other monsters as a few of them went by us to see what was going on.

Fortunately, CATH1's performance went well and she passed her tests.  She was left operating on her own and my team went to take care of other business.

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