Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas event day 2

It's so squishy and peaceful.
It turns out that we can only do each Santa event once per day.  So tonight, we changed our team lineup to emphasize melee speed for the single target bosses/crystals and a great-sword for the Glacial Valkyries.  Grace's ice spells and the patrols at the Glacial Fortress mission hurt more but it wasn't life threatening.

The drops from tonight's Winter Season Box were 1 Snowman and 3 Christmas Trees.  With such poor box rewards, we're tempted to save up for a promotional scroll.

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Ashardalon said...

Oh! Maybe the winter box may drop Santa Costumes (Emilia, etc.) too.

Japan's event has a list of items, which included 1-3 Snowman and 1-3 Christmas Tree. See here.