Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Interaction with guards

"wavy leg"?
Writing about the interaction with the natives reminded me of how one of my coworkers (the retired special forces one) interacted with the guards.  This coworker is very outgoing, an extrovert in every sense and got along well with everybody.  All the checkpoint, gate, and entrance guards that we had to go through were either native soldiers or foreign mercenaries (from various conflict prone countries).  As such, their native language was something other than our native language.  This coworker made the effort to try to learn their basic greetings.  She doesn't pronounce it correctly though so the guards always smile and laugh.  Sometimes, they would respond back with the greetings pronounced correctly.  There might have been at least one case where the greetings were mixed up in which the greetings of one language was used on a guard who did not that particular language.  I just found this tidbit humorous.

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