Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Inventory check

I let the big strong man move the heavy boxes.
A few days later, our cargo arrived and we escorted the movers to a suitable staging area.  We unlocked the container, went inside and checked the equipment against the shipping list.  It was pretty hot inside the container and there were flies buzzing about since the staging area is right next to the waste pit mentioned in a previous entry.  Since  all the equipment were in smaller boxes and stacked, we had to move many things around and peek in many boxes.  Fortunately, the items were all accounted for and we locked the container when we left as there had been thefts in the past.

During the time that we were checking the inventory, we happened to be next to a building built and occupied by the natives.  Unlike our clean and professional buildings back home, this building appeared dilapidated yet it had an important function as a command center.  Of note was the condition of their restroom.  It was my first time visiting a native building and also my first time seeing a squat toilet.  I've never used one before and was not about to try it.

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