Thursday, December 8, 2011

Never a dull moment

Ugh, it's 4AM...
There's rarely a dull moment back on first base.  At least once a day, pirates would fire cannonballs on to the base.  Although this happens far away enough that the cannonballs should not reach us, the alarm still rings and everyone is supposed to get to the nearest bunker.  I first experienced it after dinner on the first night of arrival on the first base from the third base.  Our party was strolling back from the dining hall when the warning bells went off and we quickly made our way to the nearest bunker.  It was an interesting experience as the danger was real (though low).

However, other nights were not as pleasant as the warnings went off when we are in the latrine or in the middle of the night.  There was one night when more than a dozen warnings went off between 11PM and 6AM.  Those pirates were persistent in their attacks and we did not get much sleep.  My coworkers were so used to it that they didn't even bother getting up to visit the bunkers.

There was one time when we were sightseeing from the roof of a building when the warning went off.  I headed back down into a bunker but the coworker stay up on the roof.  He said he could see the trajectory of the projectile and we later saw smoke rising from where it landed.

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