Monday, December 5, 2011

Real Life activities

I was away for most of November on an interesting business trip that could potentially be described as once-in-a-lifetime (especially since I'm not sure if I will be able to go again).  Of course, there are some interesting stories on this trip and I am trying to think of a good way of telling it using the game characters.  So far, I've made a rough draft of the potential characters for the stories but the place settings is still a challenge.
I'll have myself be represented by Asoka with the reasoning being one of the very few people of Far East ancestry.   Since we're so rare in that land, some of the natives were quite eager to ask me questions.
I'll have Captain Adelina Esperanza represent the head of our little party, especially since I actually do call this person "Captain".  This person is active in the military and that is their rank.
Gertrude represents one of my coworkers.  I chose him as they are both giant muscular men who have significant martial arts skills.
Grace represents another coworker.  I chose her as they are both  retired special forces agents who are very good with rifles and other firearms.
Claude represents the last coworker in our party.  I chose Claude because they both have a huge girths and there are not many characters that large.
The 2 Catherine robots represent the 2 system we were involved with.  Maybe I'll refer to them as CATH1 and CATH2 where CATH stands for Completely Autonomous Traveling Humanoid.
Alejandro represents the main caretaker for CATH1 and CATH2 and he is chosen because of his similar large girth.  Soso represents his helper and she was chosen because she was the only other person of Far East ancestry that I saw on the entire trip.  Plus, they both have good hand to hand fighting skills.

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