Friday, December 9, 2011


And that tower over there directs the ships.
Since we had some time before we were scheduled to leave the base, we went sightseeing.  One of the places that I saw was a tower used to direct ships.  We went right up to the base of it but did not enter as we did not give advance warning to the people inside.  My coworkers have gone inside in the past so I've seen how it would have looked like.
It's so empty! Where is everyone?
Other places that we visited included the various palaces built by the previous ruler of the country.  It's all very ornate and pretty but we did not see a single soul while sightseeing in that area.  A place of note that I visited was the Glass House.  There was a dome on that house and the inside of it was covered with a reflective material like ice crystals.  Even with the chandelier lights off, the effect was pretty.  I imagine that it would be even prettier if the chandelier was lighted.  We visited the roof of the Glass House and we had a good view of the surrounding area since the land was flat and everything was lower.

A coworker even witnessed a cannon attack by the pirates while we at the Glass House.  He claimed to have seen the projectile arc up into the air and land somewhere, causing a cloud of smoke.  Following the rules, I was left the roof at that time for the bunker and therefore only saw the smoke when I returned to the roof.  There was damage on the dome of the roof and a coworker claimed that the roof had previously survived a direct hit from a cannonball.  Looking around debris, I found a small chunk of the dome that had been blasted off.  Piecing it back on the dome like a puzzle, I found out where it used to fit.

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