Thursday, December 8, 2011

Traveling through a prison & the wrong feed

Don't stop for hitchhikers!
After spending a few days at the first base waiting for some progress on the work site at the first base, we finally got to visit it.  Our team somehow managed to borrow an old beat up carriage with an old horse for transportation.  We were worried that the horse might die at any moment but fortunately, it didn't.  Our team of 5 spent one day at the work site which I might describe in another entry.

In any case, the most interesting event of that day was when one of the people we were overseeing asked my coworker to help feed his horse as it was getting hungry.  This required taking their horse and carriage back to base as that was where the feed lot was located.  As people had to travel in at least pairs, I went with him.  The road to base went through an actual prison.  This meant on a road flanked by high walls, spiky wires, and guard towers.  Traveling on that road, we passed a sign saying "Do Not Approach.  Do Not Stop. No Photography".  Taking that as a challenge, we approached, stopped, and took a photo of the sign.

Getting back on base, we rode to the feed lot where there was two types of feed.  Normally, we would know what to feed the horse and I trusted my coworker's judgement on picking the feed.  After all, horses of this type are known to feed on one feed or the other, but not both.  So my coworker fed the horse and the horse ate without complaints which we took to be a good sign of selecting the proper feed.  After the feeding, we started to ride back to the work site.  I noted that the horse seemed to perform a little differently and mentioned it to my coworker.  However, we just passed it off as the horse being old and continued on our journey.

We made it back to the work site and spent the rest of the afternoon there.  We rode back to base and rested in the tent.
I blame you!
It wasn't more than 2 hours of resting when the tent door opened and an angry supervisor stormed into the tent and demanded to know who fed his horse.  It turned out that their party had left the work half an hour after we left.  However, midway back to base (along the prison road), their horse keeled over and fainted.  They tried to remotely contact my Captain but since she was asleep, she didn't hear their pleas for help.  Eventually, they were able to get a ride back to base and a checkup was performed on the stricken horse.  In its stomach, the tamer found a mixture of feeds and that caused the horse to be ill.  Performing a stomach pump would take a day and the tamer was kind enough to lend another horse until their first horse recovered.

Disbelieving that she would make a mistake in selecting feeds, my coworker and I went back to the feed lot to determine what was actually fed to the horse.  It turned out that my coworker did in fact select the wrong feed but it was an easily overlooked mistake as both feeds looked similar.  Normally, this story would be funny by itself but it was actually funnier because my coworker had constantly teased another person back at home when that person made the same mistake in the past.  No doubt that this story would be related back at home as soon as possible.

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