Monday, December 19, 2011

The Withdrawal

Run! Run! It's the last ship!
Continuing from the last entry, the Captain and Grace managed to come home last Saturday.  Just getting back was a story by itself as they were originally scheduled to start leaving the country today.

On the 14th, they noticed that the base was packed with soldiers and they had the largest escort of soldiers they ever had when visiting the work site.  The mess hall was also packed that night.  However, on the morning of the 15th, when they visited the mess hall for breakfast, it was entirely empty of soldiers and half of the hall was closed.  They thought nothing of it until later in the afternoon when they visited the port.  When the soldier at the port saw them, he exclaimed that he were looking for them and that they had better get their bags quick as this was the last ship to leave the country.  The soldier at the port told them that during the night, all the soldiers had left on a long caravan to a neighboring country.

This last ship was almost empty of passengers as everyone else was supposed to have left already.  The purpose of the ship was to carry a General's personal boat and the last remaining soldiers.

As to the mission, it was a mixed success.  CATH2 was operational in her home but became pouty one day.    She refused to let anyone touch her and slept for 2 days.  Fortunately, just as mysteriously, she overcame her mood swing and started working again.  As a precaution, we had Dr. Torsche send another head but can't do anything at the moment since there's no one with CATH2 anymore.  This episode was most annoying to me as when CATH2 became pouty, the only message I received from the Captain was that CATH2 had sustained a fatal injury.  Thinking the worse from the word "fatal", there was quite a commotion at home and at Dr. Torsche's lab until we later found out that wasn't that bad.

The first story that Grace told this morning was that she saw something shocking at the guard shack for CATH2.  While leaving the site, she happened to look out the window of the carriage and saw 2 native male guards doing inappropriate things to each other in public.  It must have left a deep impression.

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