Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Ziggurat

I read that the name of this place meant "house whose foundation creates terror"
Since CATH1's test was over, I was free to move around a bit until the next departure time.  While the Captain was off meeting with the officers regarding transportation issues, my coworker and I saw the Ziggurat.  The Ziggurat was a massive terraced step pyramid.  We couldn't get very close to it though as the soldiers no longer had time to give tours of it.

My coworker also pointed out to me the many seashells embedded into the ground.  This implied that this barren land used to be covered with water.  Although the shells were small, they were numerous and I collected a handful of them before I got tired of shifting the dirt with my hands.

I saw a giant spider too but didn't dare get close enough to get a detailed view of it.  It also made digging around in the dirt for mere seashell that much more uncomfortable.

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