Monday, December 31, 2012

What's been happening?

It's the last day of 2012 and our time in Bristia is finally at a end.  It's been a fun few years with various ups and downs.  We've met some interesting people, missed some of them, and will miss others.  We haven't been online to play during this last week of the year right after we wrote the last entry.  The reason is entirely due to events in reality.

In particular, the following happened:
We got married on Christmas Eve!
A fellow MMO game player and I married and went on a few trips to a seaside casino resort city and to our nation's capitol.  One of the readers of this log (the one who has been leaving comments) will know my spouse as a fellow guild member in DN.

Hope to see you all on the Castilla server!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

White Santa Costume for Scout

Today, we managed to obtain the White Santa costume (and accompanying hat) for the Scout.  Getting those Raiden boxes were frustrating as we received an Alphabet Box from them, which lead to the letter V and then an Angler Spinelle.  Therefore, we'll save the boxes for a few days.
Those are thick gloves

White Santa Elementalist

From the current Christmas event, we managed to obtain a White Santa costume (and accompanying hat) for our elementalist.
Some features were not as apparent in the front view.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Christmas Event for our servers

It's you guys again!
The alphabet ended recently and we exchanged all our letters for boxes and symbols.  A new and probably final event started today and it is the Christmas event.  With less than 2 weeks to go before the end of the current world, we wonder if it is enough time for us to get anything good.
This place is emptier than last year.
Level 1 thieves
When speaking with the Santa character, we were sent to a single room instance full of level 1 thieves.  They dropped many potions and 2 Christmas Coins for us.  Looking at the prices of the Gift Boxes (20, 30, and 40), we despaired on collecting enough coins as the instance seems to be limited to once per day.  However, we soon discovered that those coins drop from regular targets.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New weapons

Last night, we received the following weapons as gifts.
Angel Rizoel's Rod - This thing has the brightest glow we've ever seen.
Dragon's Fury Rifle - It's very ornate

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prizes from Alphabet event

From the last entry through yesterday, we managed to obtain the following items as prizes (either through Boxes or tokens).
Dragon's Fury Crossbow (32AR)
Dragon's Fury Sword (32AR)
and finally, we traded in our 50 Diamond Tokens for the Punisher Manual since a few people highly recommended it.  We don't have a Lionel to use it though as the Red Hair Fighter has stopped us in our tracks back at the Red Sunset Forest.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Viron Clock Tower

This morning, we visited the Viron Clock Tower for the first time.  It was part of a non-combat mission so there was no fighting involved.  As such, we got to walk around and inspect various items.

Our first Angel weapon

Tonight, we found our first Angel weapon.  It is the Angel Camael's Crossbow and it came from one of the Raiden's Boxes that we received for turning in single letters.  Unfortunately, it started out as blank so we spent 1 Veteran Enchantment Chip on it to see what would happen.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Tonight, we ventured into the Red Sunset Forest, located just outside of Viron.
We went along the empty path until we saw Raven at a distance.  Approaching him, we were attacked by a Red Haired Fighter.  She knocked out our Asoka easily with her special attack but our Soso and Adelina managed to hold her off until Raven arrived.
We didn't like his pretty boy looks.
Still, he claimed that he knew Garcia so we called Garcia from our quarters to verify his identity.  Apparently, Raven had a cursed mark on his arm due to Montaro.  We visited Lionel for help and he pointed us to Veronif.
Veronif wouldn't give us the time of day until we brought back a Garas' Heart.  The people here in Viron really seemed to like internal organs and body parts.
After more body parts, Veronif grew to like us and gave us ointment for Raven.
We even had some extra body parts of Genia the Alchemist, who was standing just around the corner.
So with the ointment, Raven joined our family.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Continuing the quests

Tonight, we continued the Viron quest line which involved a lot of running around town.
Eventually, we fought the easiest level 120 hoodlums ever.
We also visited the Oculta dungeon in order to find the missing sheet music to complete the Prelude quest.  We noticed that the dungeon no longer required runes to enter and the kobolds inside seemed a bit easier too (or maybe because our equipment was better).

As all the players know by now, our version of the game is ending.  Our server Bristia will be gone within 2 months.  Therefore, we started using up our Gold supply by purchasing awakening scrolls.  Last night, we awakened Vincent and our wizard to Expert.  After we finish promoting and awakening a few others, we'll probably spend the rest on Great Stones and Quarter Slots.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Elemental Otite quest continued

We turned in the Elemental Otite to Dr. Torsche last night when Jorgen unexpected burst through the door.  Our initial team (with Catherine) was unable to handle him so we tried again today.
Kicking your posterior!
Since we fought him once before during the Holy Water Chamber quest, we had an idea of what to expect.
We brought the same team as we did for the HWC and thus, was able to beat Jorgen within a few minutes.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bounty Hunter Mission: Occulta

Where am I?
Last night, we entered the Accursed Occulta Mission of the Bounty Hunter Mission for the first time.  It was relatively difficult but at least we got to see it.  Two team members and a squad member were lost along the way because they couldn't keep up.
Our Asoka was knocked out in one AOE Lightning attack.

Funny conversation

Between Mireles and Uniquecorn
In other news, two members of the F.U.B.A.R clan helped us obtain an Elemental Otite from the Torsche Basement.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New words

This week, the words changes.  They are now:

We traded in 2 sets of 3 letters of TOWER (missing O and R) for 2 Constellation Boxes.  From those boxes, we received a Capricorn and an Aries.

Torsche Basement Raid

We began as a small group.
Tonight, we attempted the Torsche Mansion's Basement raid for the first time.
Each room had a different type of robot.
The idea of the mission was to clear each room one by one.  Defeating a robot causes a tombstone to appear and supposedly, those tombstone tell a number.  We're not entirely sure on the concept as another squad member was handling it.  What we do know is that to survive, we must continuously activate a Magic Crystal in order to remove a debuff and apply a buff.
Last bosses were a pair of Victors which must be defeated at the same time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catherine Torsche

It's full of Catherines!
After the previous post at night, we took a short break and tried the mission a few more times.  At our final attempt last night, we managed to successfully complete the mission with 12 minutes to spare.  This gave enough time for the characters to have their conversation, unlike the last post where their chatting lead to the failure of the mission.

We tried many combinations of characters, stances, and tactics last night.  The winning tactic was explained to us by SNSD4ever.  It involved moving the characters up a staircase to the left of the room as viewed from looking in the first doorway.  They recommended that we use a Red Lollipop but we didn't have that particular color of candy so we didn't use it.  Initially when trying that tactic, we lost the missions because we kept accidentally choosing the left staircase that was further in, rather than one that was closer to the entrance.  This lead to a larger group of robots following us, resulting in our Combat Catherine being knocked out.  Eventually, we realized that we overlooked a closer staircase and that helped with crowd control.

The team we used to successfully complete this mission was composed of:

  • Catherine (STR) - The most important member of the team and who must survive.  As she was still a Veteran, we couldn't have her participate in the combat.  We had her use the High Guard stance (total of 72 block) until we reached the relative safety of the staircase.  Then we switched to Kneeling Shot to keep her stationary while the other 2 team members went off to fight.
  • Asoka - Our Master level greatsword user, using the Moonlight Sect stance.  Her equipment consisted of a +6 e92 +3DR metal armor and various greatswords.  The greatsword she used to successfully complete the mission was a +7 regular level 100 greatsword.  Her Asura skill helped greatly in attacking multiple robots at a distance while her Acrobatic Evil Slicer was constantly used against single targets.
  • Adelina (ATP) - We used experience cards to level her up to Master yesterday afternoon for this very mission.  She was in the Bloody Feast stance and her Bloody Horizon skill was very useful against a group of adjacent robots.  She was the lead of the team and our primary point of control.
Things we noticed:
  • Catherine Torsche appears to have the ability to drain SP.  Fortunately, we had a bunch of Soul Liquor who at least gave us enough time to launch one skill attack per potion before the SP is drained.
  • The tactic of hiding our Catherine in the corner of the first room did not work for us.  This was because a single robot will inevitably sneak by and attack Catherine, causing the mission to end.
  • Catherine Torsche will come to you, so there was no need to search for her.
  • The trigger point for Catherine Torsche appears to be the related to the number of robots defeated.

Monday, October 22, 2012


There are times when I really hate this game.  This is one of those times.  I apparently failed the Catherine Torsche mission and she taunts me.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Teasing Cruz

Tonight, we saw a MrWhite Xel'Naga teasing Cruz in Reboldeaux.  That by itself isn't strange as we were tempted to do the same ourselves but what was noticeable was that he had been doing it for maybe at least 2 hours (as timed by the recent Gigante Beach buff).

We picked up very few Alphabet Boxes this weekend due to leveling our Amelia (Emilia The Sage).  Since she started at level 40, we trained her at Dr. Torsche's front lawn until she was about 48.  Then we headed inside his mansion for awhile because deciding to visit Rion Hollows.  That place was the most crowded we've ever seen it in recent history.  Every room and hallway intersection were occupied with at least one family and occasionally, there was a Bog Angler.  We managed to level Amelia to the mid 70s there before bringing her to Skeleton Dungeon.  There, we leveled her to level 100 and promoted her.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Experts

Tonight, we used some of the Veteran experience cards we received from Veronif to level up some of our members.  After much internal debate among the candidates, we went in favor of Vincent, our musketeer, and our wizard.  Other candidates that we had considered were Catherine (summoner), Helena, Angie, and Emilia The Sage.  Melee types were not considered as they are able to survive independently.  We haven't really used our builders and summoners so they were placed in a lower priority.  Helena almost made the cut except that her expert stances require Pisces and we only had the one which we were saving for the future.

So our musketeer Iris was promoted and awakened as Expert.  We gave her the Flintlock expert stance and the Close Encounters veteran stance.  Our wizard Louise was only promoted to Expert and not awakened as we haven'ted deployed her much.  We only have 1 Aries symbol and was saving it for one of the Emilia variants.  Vincent was only promoted and not awakened but seeing his Prelude performance right now, he'll be the next in line.  We had purchased Prelude using 1 million fesos even though we started on his next quest.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Citadel of the Gods

Good thing we brought lots of Resurrection potions
Tonight we visited the Citadel of the Gods for maybe an hour or so.  It might have been our first time there.  We brought our support team of Grace, Scout, and Vincent as another family was doing the work of defeating the targets.  Our Vincent managed to gain one whole Veteran level while our Scout gained 50% of an Expert level and our Grace gained about 40% of a Master level.  While here, we heard that it was cheaper to purchase a Prelude book for 1 million fesos from the bazaar than using 3 Great Stones/1 Symbol.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Supreme Medal

Fashionably purple
Tonight, we noticed everyone around town wearing a purple "Supreme medal" title.  We wondered what the fuss about and was talking with Veronif when she handed us a Supreme Medal title too.  This title gives +5 to Strength and lasts for 30 days.

We also noticed that we retrieved more Alphabet boxes tonight than yesterday night during the same 2 hour period.  Maybe it could be due to an increase in drop rate or maybe it is because we changed our team.  So instead of 6 over 2 hours, we retrieved 12.

New words

There are new words for the alphabet event.  They are now:
Unfortunately, the prices increased in the Diamond Token shop.  The promotional UPCs rose 5 Tokens to be 20 Tokens.  Ralph is 30 and Asoka is 35.  The weapons now need 40 and the Punisher Manual now needs 50.  We had entertained the idea of saving for a Punisher Manual but since we lack the Lionel and have been unable to get past the Catherine Torsche quest, we'll probably save for another promotional UPC.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend activities

Girls love his music - so said the elementalist
This Saturday was one of those rare days where the day was filled with various activities.  From Bounty Hunter missions, to the Circus, and even to the Capybara mines.  Since it's such a rare day, we took a lot of pictures and decided to post a few of them.
Don't remember the last time we fought against Hellbreaker or even had such a large squad.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holy Water Chamber Quest

Jorgen - The grammar in this instance is horrendous.
Early last evening, we decided to try the Holy Water Chamber quest again.  We had purchased some relatively high AR weapons awhile back for this purpose but didn't put it into use.  In our previous fight with Ortega, we took almost an hour to bring his health down to a sliver before he knocked our Soso into the spinning blades with only 3 minutes remaining.  This time, we made sure to lure him far away from the blades.  With our new Greatsword, Knuckle, and Sabre, the fight with Ortega only took 7 minutes.  The fight with Jorgen in the next room took only another 13 minutes.
The usual mastermind
Didn't pose quick enough

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good Samaritan Event

She's very fidgety.
Today, Veronif and Cruz appeared in Reboldeaux.  Details of the event can be found in the forum.  Basically, White Crystals, High Viscosity Liquid, and some sort of meat can be collected as normal drops.  One of each is turned in as a set and she gives a random reward, some of which might be the food items Cruz is looking for.
You're rude
Really liked his experience card set reward.