Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Inspired by a forum thread, we were thinking about updating the Combination Buffs page of the wiki.  We wanted to confirm that the combination buffs matched our version so we tried out different combinations tonight.  At the same time, we took photos.  However, with all these photos, we were worried that the page will become too cluttered.
3 Year War - With Adelina and Captain Adelina
Sort of odd to have both versions of Adelina on the same team but the 3 Year War combination buff activated.
2nd Generation - These two just get along so great
Chains of the Past - Aren't you curious on their back story?

Misunderstood Truth
Spirit of Martial Arts
Torsche's Dream - Too bad we don't have his real daughter to pose
Hidden Truth - Definitely curious on the relation between these two.
Staggered Destiny
Soldier Will

Hope of the Continent
The Pioneers - basically any 2 stock characters 

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