Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The dropping price of Valeria

Shall we buy you from the market like a slave?
Within the last few months, we've noticed that the Valeria card was being listed on the market.  When we first began tracking it, she was listed for about 1.1 billion vis.  As the weeks went by, the price dropped at a steady rate and more listings of her card appeared.  Today, we noticed that her card was being listed for 290 million vis.  That is quite a drop in price and could be considered a crash if she was a commodity.

We thought about purchasing the card but haven't found a good reason to do so.  At the moment, the only reason is to hear her voice and to have her wear potential future costumes in the field.  We don't forsee being able to obtain her unique Expert healing stance and other than that, she only has Medic and Enhanced Tactics.

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