Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Karjalain quest extended & Via Fluvial

Last night, I continued with Karjalain's quest.  She had us visiting Via Fluvial for 500 Bear Walkers, so off we went.  We haven't been here in a few months and it looks like there were a few changes since the last time we were there.  The map was unusually empty of other families compared to all the previous times.  At first, we thought it was just due to the declining world population.  However, we got a rude awakening when something attacked us and managed to quickly reduce my Expert Scout's health to half.

As our Scout is one of our most well geared family members, we were surprised by what could be causing it in this relatively low level map (level 102-104 according to the World map).  Moving away from the crowd of Capybara, Bear Walkers, and Anteaters, we saw a single Angry Comodo.  It was a level 105 creature and yet it had a painful bite.  Fortunately, we it was a slow moving creature so we easily retreated.

After the Angry Comodo was out of view, we thought we were safe for awhile until 3 more Angry Comodo suddenly appeared.  They seem to appear if we spend a few minutes at any spot on the map.  Fortunately, we discovered that they were quite passive and would only attack if they were attacked first.  This finding allowed us to safety attack other creatures without being harmed by the Angry Comodo but it also prevented us from letting the team do whatever it wanted.


Bisqui said...

your gaming history is impressive! I can't believe you've been playing GE since 2008, I started playing then for only about 6 months and moved on. Its so nice to know that GE gamers are still around :)

WW said...

Thanks, I still play on occasion but definitely not as active as I once was, hence the lack of stuff to write about. I haven't found any other games where it's as easy to write things about.