Monday, April 23, 2012

Pondering on use of experience cards

From the Easter event, we still have 139 Veteran G (14m) left.  Combined with our preexisting 18 Veteran B (1.4m) cards and an ever growing number of Veteran N (280k) cards, we can quickly level about 2 Veterans to Expert.  A second option is to level one of our existing Experts to be the 2nd Master of the family.

For leveling 2 Experts, we do have 2 remaining Expert promotional scrolls.  The candidates are:
  • Vincent - We had originally thought about making him Expert before we discovered that we would need to complete the difficult Holy Water Chamber quest mission along with some tough farming in Occulta dungeon in order to complete his expert stance shop quest.  At the moment, both the quest and the farming is too difficult to handle.
  • Wizard - We have yet to have an expert wizard type so she remains a candidate.  We read somewhere that they are desired for certain activities but since we haven't had a chance to participate in those activities in quite a long time, the priority for leveling a wizard type remains low.
  • Soso - The only Martial Arts type that we have awakened at Veteran.  Getting her to Expert means that she would be that much closer to starting a quest for Emilia.
  • Catherine - Using experience cards to level her is much easier than having her grind somewhere.  However, we don't see a use for her at Expert yet.
If leveling a single Expert to Master, we can get one partway there using the cards but it will still quite a few weeks of grinding to actually reach it.  The candidates are:
  • Fighter type (metal armor user with greatswords) - To be used to complete tough quest missions such as the  Holy Water Chamber.  Will also be useful for general farming since she should be physically tough.  Probably won't be useful for squad activities since there are other families with tougher tanks.
  • Fighter type (leather armor user with sabers) - To be used for active farming and just for fun.  Not as tough physically and most likely won't be able to complete the quest missions since we don't have decent leather armor.
  • Scout - She might reach Master level without the help of experience cards but if there are cards remaining, we'll use it on her.
  • Elementalist - Would be useful for squad activities if we actually had any to participate in.  Normally, they would be tough to grind.  We also lack decent armor and equipment for her.
At the moment, we are still training the Expert stances of some of the family members so it will still take awhile (weeks) before we make a decision.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

End of Karjalain quest

We finished collecting the 100 Carpenter Wasp Wings tonight and gave Andre 1 million vis.  Received 3 experience cards (1.4m) and 5 Shiny Crystals from him.  Karjalain later gave us a choice of rewards and we chose the tsundere option which resulted in 1 level 100 enchantment chip and a blank grim-wight (rapier).

Got 8 cards from Claire tonight, which was expected.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fighting with Andre

It was unexpectedly easy.
After finishing the Angry Bear last night, our Karjalain had a duel with Andre.  It was unexpectedly easy in that the previous parts of the quests were so tougher.  Andre wanted 100 Tough Cotton Yarn and fortunately, we had that in our warehouse to give him.  Next, he wanted 100 Carpenter Wasp Wings but since that is in Bahamar, it will take some time to harvest.

Tonight, Claire gave us 11 experience cards and the pattern is maintained.  We're expecting less than 10 cards tomorrow if the pattern holds true.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Angry Big Bear

Kicking the bear out of its cave.
We finished the 500 Artic Bears last night so Karjalain set her sights on the Angry Big Bear located at a corner of the Frozen Plains.  Getting to the bear's location took awhile as there were many more animals popping up out of the snow than the last time we were here.  Fighting the bear was tedious too as a whole of animals joined the fight against us.
Takes a bow for her audience
That our Adelina was knocked out early on also extended the time of the fight.  If it wasn't for all the other animals joining in, the fight with the Big Angry Bear itself wouldn't be difficult.

For the Easter Egg event, we received 6 experience cards today, which fits with the pattern we described yesterday.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Catching a baron

We were ambushed by a baron family last Sunday.  Fortunately, the evidence was fresh enough that we were able to determine exactly who did it.  It took a few days but we were able to track the criminal down tonight and give them a gift of a Violent Ghost Baron.  Unfortunately, they ran back to their quarters faster than we could take a snapshot of the action.  Of course, we took care of the Violent Ghost Baron ourselves lest it wander off and cause havoc to the other families nearby.  We'll still be on the lookout and try to catch them before they manage to run away again.

Exp card counts from Claire

The last entry involving the 20 experience cards was actually for Sunday.  On Monday, we received 8 experience cards and today, we received another 20 experience cards from Claire.  There seems to be a pattern where every other day, we would get a double digit number of cards.  Or maybe it's just luck.

Monday, April 9, 2012

2 more experts

I'm only wearing this hideous Santa costume to save inventory space.
Today, Claire gave us 20 experience cards in exchange for the Easter Egg.  With all these experience cards, we managed to level up Calypso and Adelina to Expert.  Of course, we promoted them and awakened them.  For Calypso, we brought the appropriate symbol off the market and purchased the Shadow Sting stance for her.  For Adelina, we found some Cancer symbols in our warehouse and purchased Bloody Feast for her.  Unfortunately, we did not have a 2nd decent sabre so we had to use a +7 level 92 one (28 AR) to help her get used to her new stance.

We completed the first part of Karjalain's extra quest that involved hunting 500 bears in Via Fluvial.  We were slightly more than halfway completing her second part with the 500 Artic Bears in Katovic Snowfields before we were defeated by Elmorc.  A few Clovers appeared before we were defeated though and we managed to pick one up for the Green Girl.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Event Day 2

We started collecting the 50 Eggs again tonight but discovered that we could purchase them cheaply on the market from other players.  We also compared the cost of a player sold Red Dye versus 50 Shiny Crystals and ended up purchasing the Red Dye from the market instead.  We spent approximately 2.2 million vis tonight.
17 Veteran G Experience Cards tonight!
The Green Girl gave us an Event Ring Box in exchange for a Clover.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter event

An Easter event started today.  We collected 50 Eggs for Najib and received a Socket Flux (event).  Then we found 9 of our colored dyes from storage and brought a single Red dye for 50 Shiny Crystals from the merchant across the street.  Giving these to Najib, we received 2 more Socket Flux (event) and an Easter Egg.  We chose to give the Easter Egg to Claire and received 6 Veteran G Exp Cards (14 million experience points each).  Overall, it was a pretty easy way to gain experience cards.

We also turned in a single Clover to the Green Girl for a Shiny Crystal (event).

Monday, April 2, 2012

Clover Girl

It took us awhile to find her as we thought she was outside at Queen's Gate.
Apparently, there's a Clover event going on for spring this year.  There are details in the official forums but we haven't had first hand experience in participating in the event as we haven't had time to play.
Don't you also sell milk outside?