Monday, April 9, 2012

2 more experts

I'm only wearing this hideous Santa costume to save inventory space.
Today, Claire gave us 20 experience cards in exchange for the Easter Egg.  With all these experience cards, we managed to level up Calypso and Adelina to Expert.  Of course, we promoted them and awakened them.  For Calypso, we brought the appropriate symbol off the market and purchased the Shadow Sting stance for her.  For Adelina, we found some Cancer symbols in our warehouse and purchased Bloody Feast for her.  Unfortunately, we did not have a 2nd decent sabre so we had to use a +7 level 92 one (28 AR) to help her get used to her new stance.

We completed the first part of Karjalain's extra quest that involved hunting 500 bears in Via Fluvial.  We were slightly more than halfway completing her second part with the 500 Artic Bears in Katovic Snowfields before we were defeated by Elmorc.  A few Clovers appeared before we were defeated though and we managed to pick one up for the Green Girl.

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