Monday, April 23, 2012

Pondering on use of experience cards

From the Easter event, we still have 139 Veteran G (14m) left.  Combined with our preexisting 18 Veteran B (1.4m) cards and an ever growing number of Veteran N (280k) cards, we can quickly level about 2 Veterans to Expert.  A second option is to level one of our existing Experts to be the 2nd Master of the family.

For leveling 2 Experts, we do have 2 remaining Expert promotional scrolls.  The candidates are:
  • Vincent - We had originally thought about making him Expert before we discovered that we would need to complete the difficult Holy Water Chamber quest mission along with some tough farming in Occulta dungeon in order to complete his expert stance shop quest.  At the moment, both the quest and the farming is too difficult to handle.
  • Wizard - We have yet to have an expert wizard type so she remains a candidate.  We read somewhere that they are desired for certain activities but since we haven't had a chance to participate in those activities in quite a long time, the priority for leveling a wizard type remains low.
  • Soso - The only Martial Arts type that we have awakened at Veteran.  Getting her to Expert means that she would be that much closer to starting a quest for Emilia.
  • Catherine - Using experience cards to level her is much easier than having her grind somewhere.  However, we don't see a use for her at Expert yet.
If leveling a single Expert to Master, we can get one partway there using the cards but it will still quite a few weeks of grinding to actually reach it.  The candidates are:
  • Fighter type (metal armor user with greatswords) - To be used to complete tough quest missions such as the  Holy Water Chamber.  Will also be useful for general farming since she should be physically tough.  Probably won't be useful for squad activities since there are other families with tougher tanks.
  • Fighter type (leather armor user with sabers) - To be used for active farming and just for fun.  Not as tough physically and most likely won't be able to complete the quest missions since we don't have decent leather armor.
  • Scout - She might reach Master level without the help of experience cards but if there are cards remaining, we'll use it on her.
  • Elementalist - Would be useful for squad activities if we actually had any to participate in.  Normally, they would be tough to grind.  We also lack decent armor and equipment for her.
At the moment, we are still training the Expert stances of some of the family members so it will still take awhile (weeks) before we make a decision.

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