Friday, May 25, 2012

Cruz event

Human tossing, the new sport for mad scientists
An event involving Cruz started yesterday.  We tried the Intermediate level (which had a Veteran level requirement) and lost so badly that we didn't bother to write about it.  Today, we faced the Beginner level as revenge and managed to complete the mission.  Unfortunately, the reward was a mere 4 Soul Crystals (event).
We're aiming at your tender spot, if you still have it.
Something of note was that potions have a longer cooldown here and the healer might not be able to keep up with healing if the fighters can't survive by themselves.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Purchased shiny new weapons

Tonight, we purchased 2 shiny new weapons from the market.  We were specifically looking for relatively high AR attributes that were still affordable.
A glow that we've almost never seen.
Our first find was a +6 Elite Steel of Destruction, which is an elite level 92 Knuckle that used to require a Mysterious Steel Piece to create.  The attribute we were looking for in it was the ATK Rating +3 which brought the total AR to be 35.  We purchased this for 199 million, which is a discount from 350 million yesterday.  However, for everyday purposes, our Soso still using our 30AR Carbon Knuckles which have Poison, Stun, and Atk Up enhancements.
Our second find of the day was a +7 Daemon Sword.  This is a common 30AR greatsword with which we have a few plain ones sitting in the warehouse.  When we saw this particular greatsword on the market that has a total of 36AR for 195 million, we quickly purchased it.

After vacation next week, we might try our hand at the Holy Water Chamber again or even Reckless Emilia's quest.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rat invasion

That's some huge rat.
So after the message was delivered to Baek Ho, we headed to Gertrude.  There was a rat infestation problem in Auch and it took 3 instances to find the cause.
It was sort of strange seeing Auch completely empty of real people.
You're going to get smacked.
It was sort of scary to see so many rats gathered like cockroaches.
Your face remind us of an extraterrestial
This is like watching a comedy.
After delivering the message to Gertrude, we also delivered messages to Gracielo and Irawain.  Their scenes weren't as interesting though.

Soso versus Baek Ho

So after Soso lost the sparring match, she was somehow confident in her abilities to fight Baek Ho.
Baek Ho seems humble and reluctant to fight nowdays.
She just can't stop thinking of him.
So moe

Sparring with Soso

Why is there a cow in the crowd?
Last night, we had a sparring match with Soso on Gigante Island.  It was a test of her skills as she wanted to face Baek Ho again.

Soso flew too easily into the crowd so our Soso had to Hold in one spot.
Soso did manage to get a few hits.
Parried that one
A knee to the stomach
Forgot the name of this pose
A final kick to knock her out

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ania & Andre

Our Ania paid a visit to Andre tonight to chat about secret societies and various mysteries.  Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Emily.  Fortunately, this time, Emily and her robotic guards were no match for us.
Guess now we can make use of the Red and White clothes to make costumes.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Selva's Glove

There's actually an electric blue glove around the arm.
Tonight, our Selva and Garcia both reached level 100 so they were promoted and awakened to Veteran status.  We spent all our Shiny Crystals and brought an additional 1061 from the market in order to craft Selva's Glove.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Derange de Langal hair

Tonight, we were gifted with a Derange de Langal hairstyle for Claire.  It's sort of charming.

We attempted the Holy Water Chamber quest and the Emilia's Institute quest but haven't managed to pass either of them.  For the HWC quest, it took us almost a whole hour just to bring Ortega's health down to around 5%.  With less than 5 minutes on the clock, he managed to knock us into the spinning blades.  For the Emilia's Institute quest, we were inflicting a mere 50 - 60 damage per hit.  In both cases, it's most likely due to our lack of AR.  We'll have to work on getting better weapons.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Finishing Selva's recruitment quest

Sorry, but the story must go on.
We got the remaining ingredients for the Snowfield Snow today and gave it to Invierno along with 10 Philosopher's Stones.  In exchange, he gave us a vial of medicine that would unfreeze Cortes.
Run. Cortes,Run!
Wait till you see who has been hiding out in our Quarters!
As the 50th family member, Selva completes her team.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Continuing on quest line again

The message, revealed!
Since we still had some time tonight, we continued with the quest line a little more.
We'd like to see you try.
So after fending off Selva and showing the paper to Invierno, we headed to Torche's Library as that was the largest library around.
We thought you perished back in Caebolan.
Messing around with incapacitated people is fun.
Now we have to make the soup to thaw out Cortes from his misadventures in Caebolan.  As of tonight, our current status of ingredients are:

  • 50 Wolf meat - Complete
  • 10 Golden Apples - Complete
  • 50 Beet - Need 46 (from Arctic Dandelion Gorillas)
  • 10 Cabbage - Need 5 (from Arctic Lazim)

Continuing the questline

With the completion of the Caebolan quest line, Eleonore of Auch started us on another quest.  She requested 2 Hero's Seals and as we already had one, we brought the other one from the market at 1.6 million.  With that, we were sent to Nunez in Port Coimbra.
You make it sound so simple.
Fran was no match for us now so we ignored his bodyguards.
After not finding any useful information from Fran, we were sent to the Katovic Snowfields to try to summon Montoro.  The Ghost Nuke from the quest was a dud so we had to make some more.  Ghost Nukes were sold to us in sets of 3 and on the first one, the Apparition appeared.  It took awhile to defeat us but fortunately, a passing family, MyLyfe, helped.  Even though we were not in a squad, our family still managed to get credit for the Apparition.
You could have told us this sooner.
Unfortunately, Montoro didn't appear upon the defeat of the first Apparition and we didn't know about it until we headed back to base.  We gave our second Ghost Nuke away to the helping family as they had some issues with their Garcia quest line.  Our third Ghost Nuke successfully summoned the Apparition again and this time, Montoro appeared to investigate.
After defeating Montoro, we headed back to Invierno and had a short fight with Selva.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Completing the rest of the Caebolan quest

With Master level characters, it was so much easier to farm for Amethyst Fragments and hence, we were able to get the 2 required for the quest.  Note that this is down from the 20 required in the past.
When you say it with that scary face, no wonder Ed hides.
Such as?
Well, you're certainly having fun over there.
Show's over, folks!  We thought we were alone until we looked behind us.

Good finds at the market

We had some lucky finds at the marketplace today.  For example, we manage to purchase the following:

+5 Vampiric Edge 1S (30AR base) (innate 8% HP from damage)

  • Attack speed +27%
  • Lightning damage +20
  • AR+3
  • From socketed gem : absorb 4% hp damage

for 90 million.  It's not the cheapest price but for the AR and the HP absorb ability, it should come in handy for our Adelina.

Meanwhile, we're having a tedious time training the Hapkido stance for our Soso at the Bahamar Underground.  Our 30AR and 31AR weapons (knuckles, gaiters, rifles, shotguns) aren't quite up to snuff.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Promotions to Master

It's like you won some sort of award.
We used the last of the 3 Master event cards tonight and chose the following members to be promoted (and awakened) to the Master level.

  1. Elementalist - We've already trained all her stances.  She is one of the most useful characters for completing quests and assisting others.  Since magic users are physically soft, it was difficult to train them and hence, she was the first person to use the Master event card.
  2. Soso - As said in the previous post, we wanted to complete the Master Martial Arts quest.  Soso came highly recommended by Xel'Naga for her skills to freeze/stun her targets.
  3. Grace - There was much debate on who should receive the last card.  We finally settled on Grace because we've already trained both her Expert stances and she is our primary instructor for other members of our family (and other families).
We had thought about other family members to promote to Master so we'll write out our thought processes.
  1. Adelina The Pirate - She was one of our original candidates for the cards because she was rare and we've never seen her sold on the market.  She is fun to play but we lack good equipment for her (leather armor + 2 sabres).  Also, if we made her Master, that would be one less Expert we could use for the Skeleton Dungeon Bounty Hunter mission.
  2. Wizard - Promoting her would require us to awake her at Expert and Master levels.  We haven't been using her much since we're unsure of what to do with her regarding PvE.  We also thought that it might be tedious to level her Darkness expert stance.
  3. Emilia - She came highly recommended by Xel'Naga but she is also the healer for our Veterans and below.
  4. Vincent - We thought about leveling him but the difficulty in obtaining his Prelude stance dissuaded us.  Plus, if we managed to get his Prelude stance, we want him to be at Expert level in order to train it.
  5. Romina - If we didn't already have a metal armor user at Master level, she would have been a good candidate
  6. Scout - At Expert level 5, she is almost halfway to Master already.
  7. Calypso - We really can't foresee using her that often.
  8. Musketeer - We already have a Master Brunie so that covered pistol users.  Grace is a better rifle user.

Master Martial Artist Quest

For the 3 Master cards we received the other day, we applied them to Soso, Grace, and our elementalist.  We'll describe the reasons in another entry but for Soso, it was to activate the Master Martial Artist quest.  Her equipment was subpar, wearing only a basic level 100 leather armor (DR 27) and equipped with level 100 knuckles and gaiter (AR 30).  When we had her try the quest alone, she was defeated by the first opponent, Siegfeld.  Hence, we had our scout and Grace join in.
Your grammar is poor!
Forgot to take a photo of Siegfeld.  Having to fight the antelope is not unexpected.
Muertos Chief - Wonder if he's the same guy we fought in Los Toldos so many years ago.
Couldn't catch your name, you big oaf.
Elmorc - You can't run away from us now!  This will be our first time finishing a fight with you.
King of Covetry - We wondered how many more we had to fight.  First time defeating you.
Sharffenberger - We thought you were be tougher.
Bribantra - We saw you only once before, in a Bounty Hunter mission.
Betelgeuse - Don't think we ever met.
General Guard - Might have met you once high up in a tower somewhere.
Einwind - Hope you're the last one because you're almost out of healing potions.
And we kicked your behind for putting us through 2 hours of trouble.  We were down to our last healing potion too.
Since we finished the quest, we had the option of purchasing the Hapkido stance.  We spent 190 million vis on the market to purchase a Symbol of Libra and with our existing Symbol of Gemini / 3 Great Stones, we were able to purchase the stance.