Sunday, May 13, 2012

Continuing on quest line again

The message, revealed!
Since we still had some time tonight, we continued with the quest line a little more.
We'd like to see you try.
So after fending off Selva and showing the paper to Invierno, we headed to Torche's Library as that was the largest library around.
We thought you perished back in Caebolan.
Messing around with incapacitated people is fun.
Now we have to make the soup to thaw out Cortes from his misadventures in Caebolan.  As of tonight, our current status of ingredients are:

  • 50 Wolf meat - Complete
  • 10 Golden Apples - Complete
  • 50 Beet - Need 46 (from Arctic Dandelion Gorillas)
  • 10 Cabbage - Need 5 (from Arctic Lazim)

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