Sunday, May 13, 2012

Continuing the questline

With the completion of the Caebolan quest line, Eleonore of Auch started us on another quest.  She requested 2 Hero's Seals and as we already had one, we brought the other one from the market at 1.6 million.  With that, we were sent to Nunez in Port Coimbra.
You make it sound so simple.
Fran was no match for us now so we ignored his bodyguards.
After not finding any useful information from Fran, we were sent to the Katovic Snowfields to try to summon Montoro.  The Ghost Nuke from the quest was a dud so we had to make some more.  Ghost Nukes were sold to us in sets of 3 and on the first one, the Apparition appeared.  It took awhile to defeat us but fortunately, a passing family, MyLyfe, helped.  Even though we were not in a squad, our family still managed to get credit for the Apparition.
You could have told us this sooner.
Unfortunately, Montoro didn't appear upon the defeat of the first Apparition and we didn't know about it until we headed back to base.  We gave our second Ghost Nuke away to the helping family as they had some issues with their Garcia quest line.  Our third Ghost Nuke successfully summoned the Apparition again and this time, Montoro appeared to investigate.
After defeating Montoro, we headed back to Invierno and had a short fight with Selva.

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