Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good finds at the market

We had some lucky finds at the marketplace today.  For example, we manage to purchase the following:

+5 Vampiric Edge 1S (30AR base) (innate 8% HP from damage)

  • Attack speed +27%
  • Lightning damage +20
  • AR+3
  • From socketed gem : absorb 4% hp damage

for 90 million.  It's not the cheapest price but for the AR and the HP absorb ability, it should come in handy for our Adelina.

Meanwhile, we're having a tedious time training the Hapkido stance for our Soso at the Bahamar Underground.  Our 30AR and 31AR weapons (knuckles, gaiters, rifles, shotguns) aren't quite up to snuff.

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