Friday, May 11, 2012

Master Martial Artist Quest

For the 3 Master cards we received the other day, we applied them to Soso, Grace, and our elementalist.  We'll describe the reasons in another entry but for Soso, it was to activate the Master Martial Artist quest.  Her equipment was subpar, wearing only a basic level 100 leather armor (DR 27) and equipped with level 100 knuckles and gaiter (AR 30).  When we had her try the quest alone, she was defeated by the first opponent, Siegfeld.  Hence, we had our scout and Grace join in.
Your grammar is poor!
Forgot to take a photo of Siegfeld.  Having to fight the antelope is not unexpected.
Muertos Chief - Wonder if he's the same guy we fought in Los Toldos so many years ago.
Couldn't catch your name, you big oaf.
Elmorc - You can't run away from us now!  This will be our first time finishing a fight with you.
King of Covetry - We wondered how many more we had to fight.  First time defeating you.
Sharffenberger - We thought you were be tougher.
Bribantra - We saw you only once before, in a Bounty Hunter mission.
Betelgeuse - Don't think we ever met.
General Guard - Might have met you once high up in a tower somewhere.
Einwind - Hope you're the last one because you're almost out of healing potions.
And we kicked your behind for putting us through 2 hours of trouble.  We were down to our last healing potion too.
Since we finished the quest, we had the option of purchasing the Hapkido stance.  We spent 190 million vis on the market to purchase a Symbol of Libra and with our existing Symbol of Gemini / 3 Great Stones, we were able to purchase the stance.

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