Friday, May 11, 2012

Promotions to Master

It's like you won some sort of award.
We used the last of the 3 Master event cards tonight and chose the following members to be promoted (and awakened) to the Master level.

  1. Elementalist - We've already trained all her stances.  She is one of the most useful characters for completing quests and assisting others.  Since magic users are physically soft, it was difficult to train them and hence, she was the first person to use the Master event card.
  2. Soso - As said in the previous post, we wanted to complete the Master Martial Arts quest.  Soso came highly recommended by Xel'Naga for her skills to freeze/stun her targets.
  3. Grace - There was much debate on who should receive the last card.  We finally settled on Grace because we've already trained both her Expert stances and she is our primary instructor for other members of our family (and other families).
We had thought about other family members to promote to Master so we'll write out our thought processes.
  1. Adelina The Pirate - She was one of our original candidates for the cards because she was rare and we've never seen her sold on the market.  She is fun to play but we lack good equipment for her (leather armor + 2 sabres).  Also, if we made her Master, that would be one less Expert we could use for the Skeleton Dungeon Bounty Hunter mission.
  2. Wizard - Promoting her would require us to awake her at Expert and Master levels.  We haven't been using her much since we're unsure of what to do with her regarding PvE.  We also thought that it might be tedious to level her Darkness expert stance.
  3. Emilia - She came highly recommended by Xel'Naga but she is also the healer for our Veterans and below.
  4. Vincent - We thought about leveling him but the difficulty in obtaining his Prelude stance dissuaded us.  Plus, if we managed to get his Prelude stance, we want him to be at Expert level in order to train it.
  5. Romina - If we didn't already have a metal armor user at Master level, she would have been a good candidate
  6. Scout - At Expert level 5, she is almost halfway to Master already.
  7. Calypso - We really can't foresee using her that often.
  8. Musketeer - We already have a Master Brunie so that covered pistol users.  Grace is a better rifle user.

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Anonymous said...

in patch 9.5 the lvl needed for mma and reckless is expert...they nerf the whole quest... ^^