Thursday, May 24, 2012

Purchased shiny new weapons

Tonight, we purchased 2 shiny new weapons from the market.  We were specifically looking for relatively high AR attributes that were still affordable.
A glow that we've almost never seen.
Our first find was a +6 Elite Steel of Destruction, which is an elite level 92 Knuckle that used to require a Mysterious Steel Piece to create.  The attribute we were looking for in it was the ATK Rating +3 which brought the total AR to be 35.  We purchased this for 199 million, which is a discount from 350 million yesterday.  However, for everyday purposes, our Soso still using our 30AR Carbon Knuckles which have Poison, Stun, and Atk Up enhancements.
Our second find of the day was a +7 Daemon Sword.  This is a common 30AR greatsword with which we have a few plain ones sitting in the warehouse.  When we saw this particular greatsword on the market that has a total of 36AR for 195 million, we quickly purchased it.

After vacation next week, we might try our hand at the Holy Water Chamber again or even Reckless Emilia's quest.

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