Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reaching Master

Tonight, we decided to use the experience cards we collected during the Spring event to push our Asoka to Master level.  The rationale here was that we could purchase almost every character that already exist in our family as Masters from the marketplace.  The only exception would be our Captain Adelina but we didn't have decent equipment for her.  Asoka was be our first Master that we trained from level 1.  As such, we had our name broadcast across the land and as we suspected, had a few offers.

Imagine our great surprise that after a few minutes of Awakening her, we checked the forums and found out that G1 was giving away 3 Event Master cards to every family (minimum family level of 8) that logs in between now and June 6th.  These training cards will supposedly instantly bring a character to Master level.  We checked out inventory and found the cards as Consumables in our regular inventory.  Now the question becomes, who shall our next 3 Masters be?

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