Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Something other than the usual grind...
Got attacked by a baron with the name of Aerials(superscript 123) tonight at Skeleton Dungeon.  However, unlike other barons, this one actually stayed around on top of us to grind on the skeletons.  We brought some stronger characters and were surprised that they were still at that spot.  Their equipment drops were only level 80 but they also dropped about a bit more than 32,400 elemental orbs.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Status update

Not much happened over the last month but,

  1. Soso finally managed to train her Hapkido stance to level 25.  Most of it was done at the Bahamar Mukey Bayou.  Training stances while at Master level was quite tedious.
  2. Trained Selva and our female wizard a bit in Skeleton Dungeon.
  3. Unintentionally trained Lorch at the same time and he gained a Veteran level.
  4. Lost one clan member due to the clan's inactivity.Average number of people online per day over a given week is probably less than one now since we don't log in daily anymore