Saturday, September 29, 2012

More beach sayings

That sounds sort of kinky.
Is this a Diablo 3 joke?
Unfortunately, Eduardo can't seem to activate the buff and therefore says nothing.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Remarks under the parasol

We had the beach all to ourselves!
We heard about something happening on the beach from the forums.  We didn't see an elementalist wandering around like some reported but the parasols do give a 2 hour +50% experience buff if the "Sit on the ground" pose is used.  Depending on the lead character, they may say something odd.
Claire ponders about sockets.
Selva pines for Eduardo
When holding the javelin, the Fighter ponders about catching fish.
When wielding Lightning bracelets, the Elementalist ponders about self electrocution.   Grace (Flintlock) and Romina (Equities) didn't say anything.
The Musketeer (Outrage) gives advice about guns.
The Scout is acting all feminine.
The stock characters are a fan of fish.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New words

With the maintenance yesterday, the words for the Alphabet Event were updated and are now:

We've had a difficult time getting the letter O last week and thus only manage to get a total of 2 Diamond Tokens and the pose book.  However, with the word change this week, we managed to trade for 6 Diamond Tokens through 1 QUEEN and 5 STARS.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pose Book 11: Figure Skating

We had to search for UPCs who had facial expressions.  Oddly, Summoner Catherine does but Combat Catherine doesn't.
Still don't see how this is called the Figure Skating pose.
Gun pose seems more appropriate.

Pose Book 11: Clap

Clap is similar to a High Five.  Maybe we should have had the kids do this.

Pose Book 11: LOL

Only a few characters have facial expressions.  Claire is one of them.

Pose Book 11: Bottoms Up

Drinking is implied but there's no cup!
Jack only need 1 hand to do it!

Pose Book 11: Lie on Ground

This pose looks pretty similar to the other prone poses.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pose Book 11: Seduction

The same pose no matter the type.
This looks sort of silly.

Pose Book 11: Holding on to neck

Vincent takes his anger out on Lorch but doesn't quite reach him.
A frustrated Selva reacts to an emotionless Ed.
It's actually pretty difficult to get the characters close enough without their hands going through the body.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Our first 5 letter word of the Alphabet event

We managed to collect enough letters to form our first 5 letter word tonight and the word was BARON.  The last letter we needed was an O.  With that, we traded for Pose Guide #11.  Sometime in the future, we'll model the 7 new poses but for now, we're trying to collect more letters.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This week's words

This week's words for the alphabet events are:

From 6 hours of AFK, we managed to obtain the following letters:
  • A x4
  • B x1
  • C x2
  • F x2
  • G x2
  • H x1
  • I x1
  • J x4
  • K x1
  • L x3
  • M x4
  • N x5
  • P x2
  • Q x1
  • R x3
  • S x3
  • T x3
  • U x3
  • V x4
  • X x2
  • Y x3
  • Z x4
From the distribution, we're thinking that some letters are rarer than others.  The most we could fulfill is 4 letters of BARON but we want to wait till we complete a word in order to try for the Pose Volume 11 guide.

Alphabet event

A new event started today.  Details could be found in the official forums.  We no longer have the letters from the previous alphabet events from a few years back so we would be starting from scratch again.  The rewards look pretty tempting but we don't know how difficult or tedious it is to obtain a token.  This event seems to encourage AFK behavior and we suspect that it may be a test on how many players are interested enough to return.