Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New words

With the maintenance yesterday, the words for the Alphabet Event were updated and are now:

We've had a difficult time getting the letter O last week and thus only manage to get a total of 2 Diamond Tokens and the pose book.  However, with the word change this week, we managed to trade for 6 Diamond Tokens through 1 QUEEN and 5 STARS.


Anonymous said...

ken! i made Queen but i bought 30 day pack bag said to get that and farm skeleotn dungeon AA at mudmans i got a ton there;] u should do it also

Anonymous said...

KEN i spelled 2 STARS and they added a chateirne costume? i boguht 2 costumes and the captain 1 captain 1 uis stupid its for males only:| lame dont buy that 1T.T catherine 1 is green its nice;p