Friday, September 28, 2012

Remarks under the parasol

We had the beach all to ourselves!
We heard about something happening on the beach from the forums.  We didn't see an elementalist wandering around like some reported but the parasols do give a 2 hour +50% experience buff if the "Sit on the ground" pose is used.  Depending on the lead character, they may say something odd.
Claire ponders about sockets.
Selva pines for Eduardo
When holding the javelin, the Fighter ponders about catching fish.
When wielding Lightning bracelets, the Elementalist ponders about self electrocution.   Grace (Flintlock) and Romina (Equities) didn't say anything.
The Musketeer (Outrage) gives advice about guns.
The Scout is acting all feminine.
The stock characters are a fan of fish.

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