Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catherine Torsche

It's full of Catherines!
After the previous post at night, we took a short break and tried the mission a few more times.  At our final attempt last night, we managed to successfully complete the mission with 12 minutes to spare.  This gave enough time for the characters to have their conversation, unlike the last post where their chatting lead to the failure of the mission.

We tried many combinations of characters, stances, and tactics last night.  The winning tactic was explained to us by SNSD4ever.  It involved moving the characters up a staircase to the left of the room as viewed from looking in the first doorway.  They recommended that we use a Red Lollipop but we didn't have that particular color of candy so we didn't use it.  Initially when trying that tactic, we lost the missions because we kept accidentally choosing the left staircase that was further in, rather than one that was closer to the entrance.  This lead to a larger group of robots following us, resulting in our Combat Catherine being knocked out.  Eventually, we realized that we overlooked a closer staircase and that helped with crowd control.

The team we used to successfully complete this mission was composed of:

  • Catherine (STR) - The most important member of the team and who must survive.  As she was still a Veteran, we couldn't have her participate in the combat.  We had her use the High Guard stance (total of 72 block) until we reached the relative safety of the staircase.  Then we switched to Kneeling Shot to keep her stationary while the other 2 team members went off to fight.
  • Asoka - Our Master level greatsword user, using the Moonlight Sect stance.  Her equipment consisted of a +6 e92 +3DR metal armor and various greatswords.  The greatsword she used to successfully complete the mission was a +7 regular level 100 greatsword.  Her Asura skill helped greatly in attacking multiple robots at a distance while her Acrobatic Evil Slicer was constantly used against single targets.
  • Adelina (ATP) - We used experience cards to level her up to Master yesterday afternoon for this very mission.  She was in the Bloody Feast stance and her Bloody Horizon skill was very useful against a group of adjacent robots.  She was the lead of the team and our primary point of control.
Things we noticed:
  • Catherine Torsche appears to have the ability to drain SP.  Fortunately, we had a bunch of Soul Liquor who at least gave us enough time to launch one skill attack per potion before the SP is drained.
  • The tactic of hiding our Catherine in the corner of the first room did not work for us.  This was because a single robot will inevitably sneak by and attack Catherine, causing the mission to end.
  • Catherine Torsche will come to you, so there was no need to search for her.
  • The trigger point for Catherine Torsche appears to be the related to the number of robots defeated.

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