Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good Samaritan Event

She's very fidgety.
Today, Veronif and Cruz appeared in Reboldeaux.  Details of the event can be found in the forum.  Basically, White Crystals, High Viscosity Liquid, and some sort of meat can be collected as normal drops.  One of each is turned in as a set and she gives a random reward, some of which might be the food items Cruz is looking for.
You're rude
Really liked his experience card set reward.

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Anonymous said...

ken i just got draong rifle:| i jsut bogut 1 tooT.T oh i got X10 expert G 27,000,000 from tasty meat and veretan G 14,000,000 from tasty cracker;p;] also u can get training G which gives 1,000,000 stance exp;] and stupid buff amples and soul crap