Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Experts

Tonight, we used some of the Veteran experience cards we received from Veronif to level up some of our members.  After much internal debate among the candidates, we went in favor of Vincent, our musketeer, and our wizard.  Other candidates that we had considered were Catherine (summoner), Helena, Angie, and Emilia The Sage.  Melee types were not considered as they are able to survive independently.  We haven't really used our builders and summoners so they were placed in a lower priority.  Helena almost made the cut except that her expert stances require Pisces and we only had the one which we were saving for the future.

So our musketeer Iris was promoted and awakened as Expert.  We gave her the Flintlock expert stance and the Close Encounters veteran stance.  Our wizard Louise was only promoted to Expert and not awakened as we haven'ted deployed her much.  We only have 1 Aries symbol and was saving it for one of the Emilia variants.  Vincent was only promoted and not awakened but seeing his Prelude performance right now, he'll be the next in line.  We had purchased Prelude using 1 million fesos even though we started on his next quest.


Anonymous said...

KEN WHATS AREIS FOR? i may get 1 for my speical eimila;] adn congratz;p

WW said...

Darkness (for your new wizard) and Madness.